Wooden Furniture Buying Guide

Assessing the quality of wood furniture could be difficult at first. However, you will eventually find it easier as you gain experience. With practice, anyone can be familiar with different wood types through smell and texture as well as color and grain. Here are some questions you should ask yourself first before purchasing any wood furniture.

What is your decorating style?

Although harmonizing a style of furniture to your home’s interior is essential, there are decorators now who are following free style – that is, combining a number of decorating styles – in a single room. Combining and incorporating furniture can be exciting! However, it seems inappropriate to place a dilapidated curio from your great grandma’s ancestral home in your modern living room. Complementary pieces of furniture in different style such as retro-modern or classic-country can add interest and various focal points in a room.

Where do you plan to place the wood furniture?

If you are planning to place wood furniture in a living room for daily use, it should be long lasting. Pick wisely and practically since you will often sit on your wood chairs often. However, if you are shopping for decorative pieces, in the guest room, hardiness is not as significant as style and size.

What type of wood do you prefer?

Any wooden furniture is made from either softwoods or hardwoods (oak and teak). Superior hardwoods such as walnut, maple, oak and cherry are often expensive. Softwoods are normally used in unconventional pieces such as home decors with sleek, patterned finishing, while several wooden furniture with noticeable grains.

What kind of polish is on the wood furniture?

The polish on a piece of wood furniture can improve the genuine appearance of the wood furniture or improve its look totally. If you prefer a more prominent grain, wood furniture with wax oil polish is ideal. For extra durability, veneer or lacquer varnish is a great polish.

How much is your budget for wood furniture?

Although you may not follow it, your budget for purchasing wooden furniture is a great rule when you start your search. If you prefer superior frame, fine, rare wood material, or intricate design you could be tempted to spend more for these features.