Make your computer desk decent with these 5 hacks

Are you getting bored from your office? Your office furniture might be the reason for you to getting bored. There may also many heath related issues too by using your furniture. Make your computer desk descent by using few table hacks and get involved in your work. Following are five table hacks that will give you a practical idea. You may just try it and have fun during your work.

Standing Desk- It is preferred for those people who spend most of their time in front of computer. They may work on computer or spend a leisure time. But sitting most of the time in front of computers can cause serious health risk or pain in spinal. Such people may also experience weak eye-sight. So, the best way is to switch over from sitting desk to a standing desk. Standing not only improves your health but keeps a distance of computer screen from your eyes. Standing computer desk also allows you to prevent excess fat which was caused due to sitting continuously.

You can build the standing table from your own by combining table top, legs, a shelf for the keyboard and a side table. You can design a table that best suit your needs to increase your overall productivity. As standing desk improves your health related issues but it is important to use the desk in the right way by avoiding common standing desk mistakes.

Treadmill Desk- You can modernize the standing desk or improve it form the basic use. What if you can stand while doing your work and run while you watch T.V shows and movies? It is possible with the help of treadmill desk. You can install a treadmill below the computer desk at the place of your standing. If your hands are free while watching any show on computer screen, you may just switch on the treadmill and run on it. The main benefit of it is that it is best for your good health and also you will find cheap treadmill in comparison to costly one found in the market. You can build it yourself in a robust way by following simple instructions.

Cable Clutter Management- Nowadays, most of the devices are coming wireless. People too prefer wireless over wired device because wired device makes your place looks a bit untidy. Anyone would probably not like to see such messing in their working area. But sometimes, there is no choice to choose wireless device. So, wired systems should be kept as tidy as possible. For such problem, one solution is cable clutter management which keeps all your wires in a systematic way and give your table an organisational look.

Charging Station- You might be having lots of devices that needs to be charged but don’t have a place to sit. If you keep it on your working table, the area look such messed up that you do not want to work there. So, if you are following budget and wants a cheap shelf for standing out devices this one best suits you and can be built from simple materials.

Easy Mail Rack- Another source of clutter is the heaps of files and papers. To have a simple work, one wants his files and papers organised in a simple way. If it scatters down on your table, few of the papers might get stolen and others can blow away by the air. Also most of the time is spent on finding the papers or files. So, for this problem one should adapt an easy mail rack that can be built much pretty by following few simple steps.