Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide

Buying outdoor furniture is just like buying furniture for indoors since your goal is just the same – a comfortable and stylish space for entertainment and relaxation. However, there are special considerations you need to pay attention to before buying outdoor furniture.

  • Consider the weather and climate. Are you living in a place where it often rains, or do you live in a tropical country? Weather and local climate are all important factors to consider in shopping for outdoor furniture. Hot temperature due to direct sunlight can make wooden furniture crack. Strong winds can easily knock lightweight furniture made from plastic or aluminum.

  • Measure Your Outdoor Space. Evaluate how much available space you have and how it is formed. Is it a stretched patio or a spacious poolside? Maximize the area and form of your outdoor space to narrow down your choices for outdoor furniture. Be sure to allow enough space for you to move around. Use the same designing principles you use for mobility inside your home. For a limited space, a bar table is better than a full-sized dining set, since bar stools can also save space. You can also consider bistro tables and stools as they are smaller and more compact.

  • Decide where you want to place your new outdoor furniture. Is your terrace or outdoor space vulnerable to direct sunlight and rain or do you have a garden umbrella? Will your new outdoor furniture stand on soft grass or a harder surface such as marble floor or a tiled terrace? Be sure to choose your furniture to complement your home style and other furnishing. As a rule, never place furniture with soft wooden frame on grass since the moisture from the ground at night will be absorbed by the frame and will lead to gradual damage. Choose plastic, steel or resin frames instead. If your outdoor space is exposed to direct sunlight, get a garden umbrella.

  • Consider the material of the outdoor furniture. Don’t simply base your options on how your furniture would appear, even though that’s a major factor to consider. Your local climate should be considered in evaluating if the furniture is good for your outdoor space. Also take note that the furniture could take a lot of maintenance depending on the material it is made of. Aluminum and resin do not need too much attention in cleaning, while wicker and furniture with wooden furniture would require regular cleaning.

    • Don’t forget comfort. More often than not, you will use your outdoor furniture for relaxation, so pay attention to comfort. Even if your outdoor chairs don’t come with cushions, you can easily devise your own with pillows. However, be sure to choose pillows and cushions that are covered with water-proof fabrics. Chaise lounges and recliners are also ideal for a soothing outdoors. Just be sure to test your furniture before purchasing it. Hammocks and rockers are also great.

  • Consider Storage Space. Be sure to have enough storage space for your outdoor furniture when winter or rainy seasons come. Garden umbrellas or shades are not enough to shield your furniture from the harsh weather, especially for materials like soft wood and wicker.

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  • Don’t forget your budget. Finally, your budget will determine what you can grab. Of course, most ideal furniture would often cost more. If your budget is limited there are still furniture you can easily purchase to make sure you will get quality for affordable price. There are also online stores that are offering easy search features that categorize options according to price range.